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If you want to buy quality cubic zirconia (CZ) jewelry for affordable prices, GlamourESQ has all the pieces you need to enhance your everyday style. In fact, if you want to buy a cubic zirconia necklace online for yourself or buy CZ rings online to give as gifts to some of your friends, you’ll find all of those things and much more on our website. When you buy the cubic zirconia jewelry on our site, you'll be obtaining pieces that have all the glimmer of the world’s most coveted gemstones, without the high price tag.

About Cubic Zirconia and the Pieces We Offer

Although there is a natural form of cubic zirconia (the cubic crystalline form of zirconium oxide) found in the earth, it’s extremely rare. The gemstones you see on jewelry pieces today were initially discovered in the 1970s when Russian scientists learned how they could grow the crystals in the lab. Soon after their discovery, the man-made gemstones were marketed as “simulated diamonds,” although the cubic zirconia gemstones we know today wouldn’t truly become popular until more research was done on how to make them more lustrous and diamond-like.

buy cubic zirconia jewelry

Since the gemstone’s improvement in the 1990s, cubic zirconia has solidified itself as the go-to diamond alternative for many jewelry manufacturers who wish to sell beautiful pieces to customers at much lower prices. Advances in technology have even allowed technicians to create the gemstones in different colors and sizes, something that jewelry manufacturers all over the world have capitalized on. 

There’s no doubt that the biggest reason that cubic zirconia jewelry is inexpensive is that the gemstones are created in a lab. However, just because the gemstones are man-made, it doesn't mean you're wearing “cheap” jewelry. That this scintillating synthetic gemstone is just as beautiful and carefully-crafted as others, making it the perfect affordable alternative for jewelry enthusiasts who don’t want to shell out for more expensive jewelry. We’re proud to offer our customers one of the biggest online selections of the most mesmerizing cubic zirconia jewelry pieces.

On our site, you'll find cubic zirconia rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Many of the items are offered in a variety of colors and styles. Additionally, if you’ve been searching for cubic zirconia jewelry that’s affordable, you may be pleased to know that many of the pieces we offer have been greatly reduced in price.

Our Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Can Last You a Lifetime

With the proper care, the cubic zirconia jewelry pieces you purchase from GlamourESQ will last a lifetime. There are many places you can have your pieces cleaned, although sometimes all it takes is a soft cloth and a little bit of soap and water.

Our mission here at GlamourESQ is to give women and men from all walks of life the opportunity to obtain quality jewelry that looks mesmerizing but that’s much lower in cost. In all, if you love cubic zirconia jewelry, we’re exactly who you need. To begin your journey of finding the perfect cubic zirconia jewelry, feel free to use our search option or browse through out site to find the jewelry pieces you want to buy.