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Gemstone Jewelry for Sale Online

gemstone jewelry for sale online

Maybe you’re looking for your first piece, or you’re an avid aficionado of fine gemstone jewelry and want to add more to your expansive collection. Whatever your status as a gemstone jewelry owner is, welcome to GlamourESQ. We hope that you find something that exactly suits your taste at the best prices the Internet has to offer.

The gemstone jewelry we have for sale online is unsurpassed in quantity, quality and price. Whatever your taste is, we’re sure to have something you’ll enjoy for years and years. Our full collection includes the following gemstones:

Diamond: Diamond goes without saying. The most sought-after and valuable gemstone, diamonds can adorn a varying degree of pieces of jewelry, from minimal to decadent and everything in between.

Sapphire: Sapphire is a gemstone known for its deep ocean-blue hue. Rarer versions can come in other colors like yellow or green.

Ruby: While sapphire is typically blue, and occasionally other colors, ruby is the red version of the same gemstone. The brightest red rubies are the most sought-after, and a color called “pigeon blood” fetches the highest prices on the planet.

Emerald: An ancient gemstone, this deep green mineral has been mined for use in jewelry since the dawn of time. Today, it’s just as relevant and beautiful as ever, and is especially relevant for May babies, as emerald is May’s birthstone.

Garnet: The gemstone garnet is unique for its brown/red earthy hues, and works brilliantly to assist looks that evoke timeless earthen aesthetics. For those born in January, garnet is particularly special as it’s the designated birthstone for that month.

Citrine: As one might suspect, citrine is yellowish/light brown version of the mineral quartz— the second hardest mineral on the planet, second only to diamond.

Peridot: This “gem of the sun” mineral comes in a gorgeous lustrous green, and has been mined for millennia.

Opal: Not only is opal October’s birthstone, but it is also unique insofar as it’s the most multicolored gem. Including all of the colors of other gems, this beautiful and vibrant mineral has been cherished by many civilizations throughout history.

Amethyst: This February birthstone’s cool and stunning purple hues well evoke the winter weather associated with the month it represents.

Topaz: For those who are drawn toward a golden brown luster, topaz is the perfect gem.

Aquamarine: As the name implies, aquamarine is a mineral comprised of a mesmerizing aqua blue/sea green shade. The lighter sibling of emerald, this gem is relatively rare compared to others.

Tanzanite: Tanzanite is named for its place of origin, Tanzania, and is a relatively recent discovery (not first mined until the 1960s).

Tourmaline: Tourmaline is one of the lesser-known minerals, yet is stunning in its own right. For lovers of silvery, shiny metallic tones, tourmaline is the perfect jewelry option.

Onyx: The lustrous black of onyx is beautiful, and has been cherished by cultures throughout the ages. However, for those looking for a more colorful option, red onyx exists as well.

Quartz: Quartz is one of the best-known and most sought after minerals. Similar in quality to diamond, quartz’s upside is that it is generally far less expensive than its sibling mineral.

Jade: Jade is a well-known ornamental rock, cherished for its rarity and unique green color. Jade has been used for jewelry and other items in East Asia for thousands of years.

Agate: This bright, yet grainy gem was known to see widespread use in many ancient civilizations. While not as common today, agate’s beauty remains timeless, and some of the most beautiful jewelry involves the rock.

Shop our store by gemstone to find the perfect piece of jewelry that suits your style. We’re confident that our selection of gemstone jewelry for sale online will provide you with the finest pieces at unbeatable prices!