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When it comes to a complete command of the knowledge necessary to select and sculpt the world’s finest gemstones and minerals, the team at Lorenzo is second to none. Browse our collection of their works, and you’ll only begin to understand just how expert Lorenzo is—true craftsmanship at its absolute finest. With that in mind, imagine the feeling to come when you adorn yourself with one of their high quality pieces of jewelry for the first time.

We’re willing to bet you’ll be instantly addicted. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

It’s true that Lorenzo is at the head of the pack of the globe’s best and most vibrant jewelry producers, but where others of a similar caliber often charge exorbitant prices for their jewelry, Lorenzo stays true to its mission of crafting high quality products that all can afford. Combine that with our great discounts here at GlamourESQ, and you get a wide selection of the industry’s finest jewelry for prices that are too low to deny.

buy lorenzo jewelry online

Who says you have to spend a fortune to own a stunning, high-quality jewel? Not us!  We only ask that you put the same pride and respect into owning it as Lorenzo put into crafting it.

.925 sterling frames: While the Lorenzo pièce de résistance is their brilliant gemstones and minerals, the frameworks which house them are nothing to ignore. Most are bound by .925 sterling silver, a highly pure alloy that promises at least 92.5 percent silver.

Curator’s Picks

Take a gander at our top picks from the Lorenzo collection. While these are just a few of the many fine Lorenzo pieces we carry, they act as a great entryway into the brand’s jewelry for those who are new to it. At the enormous discounts we offer, make GlamourESQ your go-to source to buy Lorenzo jewelry online.

Pink Sapphire Ring: A staple of Lorenzo jewelry, with .925 sterling silver and 18k rose gold, plus three genuine diamonds, Brazilian garnet and pink sapphire ring makes a stunning addition to any ensemble. The pink sapphire combined with rose gold create a tastefully bright palette.

White Sapphire Ring: This is one of the collection’s most elegant standalone pieces, consisting of .925 sterling silver, 18k rose gold, pink opal and a large white sapphire stone. The light beauty of this piece will pair with just about any outfit, and does well in casual, formal and professional settings.

Multicolor Ring: For those looking to add some tasteful pizzazz and flair to their outfits, the multicolor ring by Lorenzo is the perfect solution. Combining .925 sterling silver, 18k white gold and genuine dyed compressed multicolor turquoise and white gemstones, this ring will turn heads everywhere, whether you’re at the office or out on the town.

If you're looking to buy authentic Lorenzo jewelry online, you’ll find that our collection is unsurpassed by other retailers terms of both quantity and price. Browse through the inventory above to find a piece of quality jewelry that will last for years.