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A sapphire is any variety of the mineral corundum (aside from red, which has been referred to as ruby since antiquity). The sapphire is a gemstone most known for its blue variants, which are sometimes described as reminding onlookers of the glimmering deep blue of the oceans’ waters. The word sapphire itself is derived from the Latin word for blue, sapphirus, but the gemstone comes in a surprising rainbow of colors.

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From the crystal shade of the early morning skies, to the darkest navy of midnight waves, sapphires are a popular choice for blue precious stones because their concentration of hue remains constant under all lighting conditions. Found across the globe, sapphires can be mined from countries as far apart as Australia, China and Madagascar. With such widespread locations for mining sapphires, jewelry designers are able to choose from varieties of the sapphire that include:

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green
  • White
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Padparadscha (a pink and orange variant often describes as salmon)

There are even color-changing sapphires which display a different color depending on the lighting. These sapphires are referred to as “pleochroic,” which means that this mineral exhibits two or more separate colors when viewed at different angles. These sapphires typically range from violets to blues, and are affected visually by the difference in artificial and natural light. Some pleochroic sapphires include color zoning, so they may even be multicolored.

There is also a special category of sapphires known as star sapphires, which are typically oval or round in shape and polished to a high shine. The star sapphires reflect a stunning shining star in the center of the gemstone, with six to twelve clearly defined rays that extend from the middle to the outer peripheral edges. Common in sapphire earrings for sale online, the star sapphire comes in every color variant available, especially blue. They are, however, extremely uncommon to find in yellow, orange and green.

Sapphires are durable gemstones, only coming in second place on the hardness scale, next to the diamond. Resistant to chips and fractures, a sapphire is a quality precious stone that can last through generations to come. Your decision to invest in a sapphire will provide you with an elegant statement piece that remains captivating throughout the ages.

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